Cake "Macaron"
Cake "Macaron"
Composition: sugar powder, confectioner's mix, egg white, white confectionery glaze, vegetable fat mixture, white crystalline sugar, potato starch, lemon filling, confectionery glaze, raspberry fruit, flavoring pistachio, preservative sorbic acid, dyes: "green apple", "tartrazine" , "Ponso", "chocolate".
Nutritional (food) value per 100 g of the product: proteins - 8.2 g (g), fats - 21.0 g (g), carbohydrates - 57.7 g (g). Energy value (caloric value) per 100 g (g) of the product: 1904 kj (kJ) (455 kcal (kcal)).
Term of the sale: The total storage time of frozen products is at the temperature:not higher than minus 18 °С - not more than 90 days.

Re-defrosting and freezing are not allowed.

The shelf life after thawing is no more than 5 days at a temperature(6 ± 2) °C.
Weight: 120 g. (30 g. * 4 pcs).
Number of units in the package: 4 pcs in the package, 48 pcs in the drawer.