Composition: high quality wheat flour, drinking water, meat, margarine for puff pastry, onions, white crystalline sugar, yeast baking presses, skimmed milk powder, salt casserole, ground black pepper.
Nutritional (food) value per 100 g of the product: proteins - 8,8 g (g), fats - 14,6 g (g), carbohydrates - 26,7 g (g). Energy value (caloric value) per 100 g (g) of the product: 1151 kj (kJ) (275 kcal (kcal)).
Term of the sale: The total storage time at the enterprise and in the places of implementation of frozen frozen semi-finished products is at the temperature:
not higher than minus 18 °С - not more than 90 days;
not higher than minus 12 °С - no more than 14 days;
not higher than minus 8 °С - no more than 7 days.
Weight of semi-finished product: 130 g.
Weight of the finished product: 120 g.
Number of units in the package: 30 pcs