About company

About company

General information about the company

To date, the company includes 10 specialized bakery complexes in Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava regions. The company includes modern logistics centers with a fleet of vehicles, numbering 1000 specialized cars, which allow delivering fresh products to every point of the trading network. The productivity of enterprises is 650 tons of bakery products per day.

By creating our products, we invest in it the warmth of our hearts and the infinite kindness that lies in them. Above all, we value the spiritual components, and we believe that together with our products you receive a particle of love and light, of all that is important and dear to each of us. Our products are a symbol of home comfort, and we are happy to serve for its good. Our company is one of the largest, in the eastern and central region of Ukraine, suppliers of bakery and confectionery products, as well as frozen semi-finished products from yeast puff pastry with various fillings.

Our goal

Satisfy the daily needs of the widest range of consumers due to the diverse assortment and high quality of bakery and confectionery products that are the result of the production of the masters of our enterprise.

Product range

The assortment of products of the trade mark "Kulinichi" includes more than four hundred items.

  • Bakery products: wheat bread, rye-wheat bread, bakery products, bakery products, lamb, garlic products.
  • Confectionery: gingerbread, cookies, muffins, cakes, cakes.
  • Frozen puff pastry
About company | Kulinichi

More than 60% of the bakery products produced by us are products manufactured according to recipes developed by our company technologists. Recognition of the exemplary characteristics of our products have become her numerous national and regional awards. Our company continuously explores the possibilities of expanding the range of products, striving to provide the Ukrainian consumer a wide range of bakery and confectionery products.

About company | Kulinichi