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Our address: Kharkiv region, Kharkiv, street, Grischenko, 17

phone (057) 775-92-50



Accept orders:

(057) 775-92-68(057) 775-92-69;

(050) 303-20-89(050) 303-84-83 

Сall from 9:00 - 18:00

Purchase department

Purchase department:

phone: (057) 775-92-61

(057) 775-92-62

Wholesale department

Wholesale department:

phone: (057) 740-39-25

Implementation department

Implementation department:

phone: (057) 775-92-54

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department:

phone: (057) 775-92-71

(057) 775-92-72

(057) 775-92-51

Marketing department

Marketing department:

phone: (057) 775-92-88

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Bread Factory No.1

Kyiv Oblast, Vasylkiv region,
The premises of Krushinskyi village council,
Complex of buildings and structures, 3

Bread Factory No. 2

Poltava oblast, the city of Poltava,
94 Polovka str.

Bread Factory No.3

Kharkiv oblast, the city of Kupyansk,
1 Energeticheskaya str.

Bread Factory No.4

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Izyum,
89 Kyivska str.

Bread Factory No.5

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Chuhuyiv,
16 Zhadanovskoho str.

Bread Factory No.6

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Lozova,
8 Postysheva str.

Bread Factory No.7

Kharkiv Oblast, the urban-type settlement of Derhachi

Bread Factory No.8

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Bohoduhiv

Bread Factory No.9

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Valky

Bread Factory No.10

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Krasnohrad

Bread Factory No.11

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Volchansk

Bread Factory No.12

Kharkiv Oblast, the city of Nova Vodolaha