Company history

Today, the company consists of 10 specialized bakery complexes in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava regions.


Cafe "Kulinichi"

You can always go for a meal, sit with the family, have a romantic date, or have a cup of coffee with friends.


An exciting trip to the Kulinichi plant

Excursions are held in Kharkov and Kiev. You can visit our production process by pre-registering by phone.

Excursions to the bakery
Excursions to the bakery
Excursions to the bakery
Excursions to the bakery

A fascinating journey together with Kulinichi

We invite you to visit the Kulinichi bakery. Here you will find a fascinating excursion to the bakery, where you can see the whole process of bakery production from kneading the dough to packing.



We bring to your attention vacancies that are currently open.

All jobs

Analyst (commercial department)

The seller of food products

City: Kharkiv

Drivers category B, C, D, E

Forwarding agents

Locksmith for repairing cars



Accountant - Auditor


Type of employment: full time